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Shear Nut - Anti Tamper Nuts

Shear Nut or Anti Tamper Nuts as they are also known, are high security permanent fasteners.

Both the Shear Nut and the Shear Bolt have a hexagon part which shears off at a predetermined torque. Installed using standard hex socket or spanner. Once installed, the Shear Nut leaves a tamper resistant cone.

  • Shear Nuts stocked in; Zinc Plated (CR-3) Steel, Galvanised Steel, A2 Stainless Steel, A4 Stainless Steel
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M6 Bright Zinc Plated Shear Nut
Bright Zinc Plated Shear Nut
M8 Galvanised Shear Nut
Galvanised Shear Nut
M4 A2 Stainless Steel Shear Nut
A2 Stainless Steel Shear Nut
M6 A4 Stainless Steel Shear Nut
A4 Stainless Steel Shear Nut

These types of screws are commonly used in various applications, such as securing access panels on electronic devices, protecting public infrastructure, preventing unauthorised access to machinery, and safeguarding valuable items. They are an essential component of physical security measures.

  1. Unique Design: Shear nuts have a unique design with a thin or weakened section near the top of the nut.

  2. Installation: To install a shear nut, you use a standard wrench or socket to tighten it like a regular nut. As you tighten it, the weakened section of the nut creates a predetermined point of weakness.

  3. Intentional Weak Point: The intentional weak point in the shear nut is engineered to break or shear off when a certain level of torque or force is applied during installation. This leaves only the smooth, dome-shaped top of the nut visible.

  4. Tamper Resistance: Once the shear nut is installed and the top is sheared off, the nut becomes extremely difficult to remove without the original top portion. This deters tampering or unauthorised access, as standard tools cannot grip the smooth remaining surface.

Shear nuts are commonly used in public infrastructure like street signs, traffic lights, and utility boxes to prevent theft or vandalism. They are also used in applications where the security of a fastener is crucial, such as securing access panels on critical equipment or protecting valuable assets.

To remove a shear nut, one would typically need a special tool that can grip the smooth, dome-shaped surface of the remaining nut. This makes it challenging for unauthorised individuals to remove the fastener without the proper equipment, adding an extra layer of security.

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