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The recently approved high-performance anchors for direct fastening in both cracked and non-cracked concrete offer the ultimate in professionalism and effectiveness. Their design ensures swift and effortless installation, delivering superior performance and increased load capacities when compared to the previous iteration. The TH/TF anchor range includes various head models, making them suitable for securing both structural and non-structural components, such as railings, shelves, or items requiring easy disassembly or adjustment.

Screw Bolts

Concrete screw anchor. Hexagon head. ATLANTIS C3-H coating. Opt.1 ETA Assessed.
  • Structural applications
  • Temporary awnings or signage
  • Stadium seating
  • Wood to concrete structures
  • Railings and fencing
  • Shelving and racks
  • Structural beams and pillars
Screw Bolt
TH/TF Anchors
The most professional and effective solution
  • Full range, suitable for any installation. Available in 9 different head models
  • 2 types of coatings available. Atlantis C3-H y cincado ≥5μm. The Atlantis C3-H special coating offers protection against corrosion in category C3 atmospheres in accordance with the ISO 9223 standard.
  • Highest guarantees. Products approved according to the highest quality standards:
    • Approved (ETA 20/0046) in option 1 for installation in cracked and non-cracked concrete (C20/25-C50/60).
    • Approved (ETA 20/0494) for non-structural redundant systems in concrete (≥ C20/25) and hollow-core slabs (≥ C30/37).
    • Approved for fire resistance R30-R120 in concrete.
    • Seismic approval C1&C2 for structural installation when there is a risk of some type of seismic movement.
  • Maximum performance. Maximum loads recommended in C20/25 to C50/60 cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete
  • Allows installation with up to three different screwing depths (in the Ø6 and Ø10 versions). The other measurements are approved for two installation depths.
  • Allows installation with reduced distances between anchors and at the edge of the concrete element. The anchor, which works using a mechanical interference between the thread and the base material, generates a low load on the concrete.
  • Confirmed suitability for the installation of sprinkler systems in accordance with the VdS CEA 4001 guidelines.
Design and Geometry
Patented double thread, optimised to guarantee maximum loads thanks to the design of a double thread that is embedded deep into the concrete.

The tempered tip ensures greater hardness, durability and ease of installation.


Body of high-resistance steel (stamped carbon steel).


THE/TFE Head: Embossed ribbed washer in hexagonal versions, which ensures a tightness against the base material, preventing the fastening from loosening.


TFF Head. Female thread with double M8/M10 thread, for direct, quick and easy fastening of threaded rods in ceilings (concrete and hollow-core slabs). Suitable for suspension of air conditioning ducts, cable trays, pipe systems, etc.


TFM Head. Male thread, for direct, quick and easy fastening of clamps in concrete and hollow-core slabs.


Head: Includes measurement by length (not in the diameter 5 ones).


Bimetal version. Offers the hardness of a hardened carbon steel tip to facilitate installation, with an A4 stainless steel shaft to provide corrosion protection.

Metal anchors TH/TF - Self-tapping concrete screwbolt
  • Available in a wide range of drill diameters.

  • Cleaning not necessary. It is not necessary to clean the holes in vertical installations (ceiling and floor).

  • Fully removable anchor. Additionally, it can be unscrewed to correctly adjust the installed element. Suitable for use in temporary installations or when it is required to leave the surface completely transparent after disassembly.

  • EXPRESS installation. Fast and easy installation. Installation time is reduced because it only requires a drill and an impact driver; the use of torque-controlled torque wrenches is not necessary

  • INDEX® manufacturing. This allows us to ensure a rigorous control of processes, guarantee the highest quality in our products, provide the best service and obtain a competitive global cost.

  • Available in INDEXcal. The INDEXcal anchors calculation programme is the best tool for designers of structural solutions to comply with the requirements of part 4 of Eurocode 2. Quickly and thoroughly check all the anchors in our catalogue based on the parameters entered by the user, indicating whether or not they fit.
Materials of Use
Cracked concrete
Cracked concrete
Reinforced concrete
Reinforced concrete
Hollow-core slab
Hollow-core slab
Anchor for fastening structural and non-structural elements
Anchor for fastening structural and non-structural elements
Applications for ETA 20/0046 version (installations in cracked and uncracked concrete)
  • Structural applications
  • Awnings or temporary signage
  • Stadium seats
  • Wood to concrete structures
  • Railings and fences
  • Shelves and racks
  • Structural beams and pillars
Applications for versions of non-structural installations
Applications for versions of non-structural installations (ETA 20/0494)
  • Fastening of tubes
  • Air conditioning conduits
  • Electrical trays or wiring systems
  • Installations in hollow concrete ceilings
  • Installations in hollow-core slab ceilings
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