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1mm Cutting disc

41/2 Cutting Disc 1mm

This very thin disc (1.0 mm) enables you to achieve a uniquely clean cut in the shortest possible time while using a minimum of force. Precise to the millimetre, vibration-free cutting, no thermal bluing and no burring (precluding the need for subsequent maching).

41/2 Aluminium cutting Disc

The outstanding characteristics of the thin cutting discs are now available for aluminium and non-ferrous metals as well. The recipe of the disc guarantees fast cutting without clogging long service life.

alu cutting discs
9inch cutting disc

9” Cutting Disc for steel 1.9mm

Long service life and good cutting capacity for cost-effective operations.

Suitable for

  • Unalloyed an alloyed construction steel
  • Very solid construction steel
  • Tool steel
  • Cast

9” Grinding Disc 3mm

Not only brilliant its performance ratio, it has proven itself a million times. The perfect line shows best results on every angle grinder.

  • Resin bonded
  • Reinforced with glass
  • Good lifetime
  • Good removal rate
Grinding Disc
12” Consaw cutting disc for steel

12” Consaw cutting disc for steel

The best-seller with an excellent price/performance ratio. It has proven itself a million times in the hands of craftsmen and semi-professionals.

14” Chop Saw disc

The Faithfull 350mm (14”) metal cutting discs are suitable for chop saws or metal cut off saws. These metal cutting discs must never be used for grinding and must always be presented to the workpiece at an angle of 90 degrees.

14 chopsaw
Flap Disk

Flap disc 40/60/80 Grit

All-round flap disc with especially high number of flaps in a steep arrangement ensures higher grinding performance and comfortable handling. Equipped with zirconium corundum band on a cotton polyester cloth. Very good removal rate with excellent service life.